Celebration of Women’s Day on 10th March 2016:

Venue : Radha-Krishna Palace at Nagar-Satara road, Nira, Tal : Purandar, Dist : Pune Maharashtra 412102.
350 womens (Trainees and others) participates in Rally and other activities.
Awards & Trophies are distributed to the 3 successful business women ..
1. Mrs. Chrushila Kamble, Saswad ( Shradhha Supari and Badishep, Writer of UDYOJAK BHAV, trainer of EDP)
2. Mrs. Shobha Shetty (Sharayu Beauty Parlour and Cosmetics)
3. Niramai Pat Sanstha (Womens organization successfully running small finance company)

4. Workshop for Self defense of Women:
Conducted on 22nd of August 2016 at Nira. 350 School girls (S.L.R. Shaha Girls Highschool and Jr. College, Nira) from 9th to 12th standards are the main beneficiaries of this program. 200 women from Nira and surrounding also attended the prog.
a. Marketing skills development- organized Nira festival on 15th Feb. 2015. (Training for youth on leadership and community development) This festival was arranged on 15th Feb. 2015. 40 stalls were there and about 100 women participated in the program. They produced and sold many food items, decorative pieces, purses, cushions, leather bags etc. almost 3000 people visited the festival and 100% sell was there. This gives the participant women a courage and confidence to manufacture and sell their products using their marketing skills.

b. Digital Saheli – Basic Computer training and internet training for self help groups. Rural women are very much away from technical and vocational training. It was attempt to increase their interest and knowledge towards new technology.

2. Employment generated –
Zilha Parishad training program of Child and Women Development department and 200 women in Pune district were trained with many skills so that they can generated income immediately after training. Training programs were held at Nira, Walhe, Nimbut, Ambale, Kolvihire, Jejuri, Pimpare, Daundaj, Supe, Kaldari, Parinche, Malshiras, Sakurde, Kothale, Veer, Yavat, Javalarjun, Gulunche in Purandar, Baramati and Indapur blocks