1. Celebration of National and International days and weeks

a. Maharashtra Day – 1st May of every years is celebrated in Maharashtra as Maharashtra day. One that day to remember maharashtrian culture we arranged competitions on maharashtrian culture like maharashtrian food competitions.
Programme was held at Nira in Hall of Z.P. School, Nira
Expenses for the prog was shared by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Pune and Yash Education Society.

b. Womens day and mother day – women told their success stories to youth. The stories were motivating for women as well as for mothers.
The program was held at Nira and 2 successful business women narrated their struggle and shared their success with almost 250 women. Successful mothers were also honored in this program.

c. Maharashtra Swarna Jayanti Mahotsav – This program was arranged with the help of Nehru Yuve Kendra, Pune. Many competitions were held for youth and women. Total expenses were 60,000/- including lunch for participations, awards and other expenses.